Saturday, July 4, 2009

Like they call it - "the 'pun'ch line !!"

Dedicated in loving memory of the guy who understood women & died of excessive laughter.

Women - They have been as much thought provoking as to what s beyond the Interstellar matter.
Likewise, just racking my brains to the wildest statements women have ever remarked about me & their reasoning.
Hmmm let’s see, judgements, compliments, insults or plain statements.
Rolling from behind…..

& the winners are –

No.7. “Are u a Virgin???” – It’s in my tag of FAQs, I think its time I stop wearing that “Im NOT a Virgin T shirt”. And for the last time “YES I am”.

No. 6. “Were u a cab driver in ur pichle janam ??” (pichle janam = previous life) – is that an insult ?? I dint knw cab drivers could drive so well .. hehehe & what is this pichle janam thing ? if I would be caught with neat clothes, would I be a Dhobi in my “pichle janam” ??

No.5. “Nimge eshtu makkalu ??” ("How many kids do u have ??")– This was a hilarious one. The lady in Question began asking me so much about my married life too…btw olle timepass aithu aa dina. hehehe

No.4. “I am sorry Adarsh, I don’t think I can give 100% in this” – To all u perverts, its not like how it sounds. There was this BIG scene behind this & this was the one sentence which was the cream of it. Hehehehe

No.3. “You know, If we were together, I would have never broken up with you” – Coming from a girl with whom I have never been out with & the best part on offer was - zero insecurity.

No.2. “You don’t look Indian!!” – from an Irish gal, I sure dint knw how to react. But yeah she never looked Irish too, she looked awesome!!

No. 1. “You have a beautiful heart” – u have no clue how much I tried to suppress my laughter when this came my way, but with due respect to the fine woman who said this, I really hope its true..Ok again I’m trying not to laugh.

I am done & before I wind up, a special note of thanks to all the women who made this post special


  1. You should have also mentioned who told you all this... shouldnt have left us curious on this.. hehe.. Jokes apart, awesome post!! It has cleared quite a few myths I had about you.. lol..

    I am still wondering though, why you feel you dont have a beautiful heart.

    Great work Ada.

  2. hehehehe, im also wondering, maybe another such comment shall clarify/confirm that.,
    Any women read this ???

  3. di\udu u actually got wat i was lookin for in ur blog!!
    finaly broke the ice n actually got somethin fun n upbeat on ur normally borin blog!!
    i love this one........ keep writin this way n i swear i llp never complain again that i have to read ur blog!!
    u rock!!

  4. Awww !! that was nice ...n dare u complain again :)

  5. Wow!! It was a very hilarious post... I loved reading it.

  6. wondering how i never kept track of any comments from what u have made.,!!

  7. ahhh a must read for all gals on earth, its high time they realise, thus improve and give us more hilarious things to write about... ha haa good1 adu...!!!

  8. Is this fact or fiction? Why do I ask? The phrase "the guy who understood women"!!

  9. ahh !! thats a fact i guess, he died of excessive laughter !!
    sounds real aint it ??

  10. tell me honestly where u copied all these stuff ;).......

    good one !!!

  11. Thx pal !! never did, i stopped copyin ever since i passed out of my engineering ;)