Sunday, September 27, 2009

A friend in need is a friend indeed ;)

Apt for the Tag

& before I start this – an honest confession, I hardly had anything to think abt this post, words inherently flowed.

WHY?? hmm, I ve had enough posts claiming myself to be a superhero probably without my cape, now I get my cape out – My friends, MUHAHAHAHA (the evil laugh again). Who said I’m insanely crazy, u haven’t read this through have u??? & these testimonials on social websites are all framed, I Tell u the truth, Lets be translucent and have familiar names for your better understanding, & before I can say anything further, Any resemblance to an person living or not dead, is purely not co incidental.

My Pal, I-am-Honest”, This guy has the weirdest sense of dressing; he can wear anything as long as its orange or maroon (yeah they named the colour after him).Yes, we call him the “Honest” guy cos he claims to be honest with his girlfriend & then goofs it up big time for being so, the price u pay-I tell you. He has an amazing talent of gulping down a quarter of neat vodka – but then u got to be at the right time & at the right place for it happens on occasions. U don’t see such stuff daily from him. He is the only guy alive who can drop his ex Girlfriend to mars as a favour even if she doesn’t wanna go. When intimidated he speaks only one language – assaulting him down even if the other guy weighs 300 pounds. He can spend ten thousand bucks & not remember where he spent it too. The nicest part about him now is that he should only meet a gal, the next thing u know; marriage plans & maybe a couple of kids with their names too. And I have lost count of his virtual weddings; sometimes it is more than 3 times with the same gal.

Phew so much to say for a guy, the rest is yet to follow

Have u ever considered - driving down 10 blocks to fetch a pair of boiled eggs?? Or maybe tell a gal that you like her on speaker phone?? Anyway, welcome to the world of “I-am-a-PG-Holder”, where 5 minutes means over half an hour & “You guys go ahead, I ll join you” means “I have visitors & I won’t come, u guys f*** off”. This guy has 2 aims in his life for sure I know – 1. Own a Stud farm & 2. Get married, I hope that atleast one of his wish can come true, we could use his Farm for weekend hang-outs ;) If u need any advise on dogs – He s the man Friday for you. Cos that’s the most knowledge he can have & incidentally is a master degree holder academically (what’s wrong with the education system of our country?) which m not sure if he post graduated from Bangalore or elsewhere. Anhhh!! Not to mention, our pal likes beer, Oh C’mon, with so much of goof ups, that’s the best thing u can turn to, right?? He can never join you for dinner on time cos he has to spoon feed his pet (now don’t ask me the relationship they share, that could take the cream off this post) & we end up waiting for his birthday treat at the restaurant even before he arrives. Is obsessed with fitness & has lost over 200 pounds (& a chunk of hair) in the last 4 years of early morning jogging, I guess he would lose more weight if he would sleep a couple hours more, but, but – neither that has helped.

No, No, we have more guys, Im on a roll tonight ;)

Number three on the charts we have my bud “Super-Engineer”, True to his name; we have lotsa theories to prove the extent of dumbness one can get. He truly is a reincarnated blonde, excerpt from a chat I had with him –

September 21st 2009, 21:32

Me: Dude, my friend’s wife is pregnant

Super Engineer: Oh!! Really??

Me: Yes, I believe the baby is expected on October 23rd.

Super Engineer: next year??

Me: Yeah, It generally takes 18 months for delivery right??

Do I need to say anything more?

And in case u are not familiar with the geography of Bangalore, Its easy to travel to J.P.Nagar from Malleswaram thru Mathikere. – Well, according to him only ;). He can argue about kinks & shafts & IC Engines without any clue about what he s saying. This guy can’t stand blood or for that matter even the smell of a hospital (just that you know, he substitutes the word ‘flower’ for ‘blood’ to make it pleasing), Like all of us, he likes Beer too, so much that he overdoes it & then puts it all out, He has dragged my bike to the petrol station more times that anyone else have – ‘dude the machine runs on fuel’:P. The 2 things what he can ever talk about is the Jam Sessions & his Masters course, And I m sure even if you are in the Amazon River forests, you would have heard that our “Super-Engineer” is leaving abroad for his studies, All the best dude & just in case you are asked – Indian Republic day is January 26th & not October 2nd.

To wrap up with, we have one more guy on the list – “waiting-for-the-perfect-girl”, truly resonant of this fact, he has surveyed his entire home state for a gal, yet unsure if he s struck the chord with anyone till date, I think its better he hurries the process before the grey stage process starts & my kids start calling him ‘thatha’. His close friend “Im-a-PG-Holder” & he shares a special bond with him, When he loses his temper, he doesn’t say anything & prefers to stay put for 4 Hours, & that’s my peak time for some good humour . He is a narcissist in his own way & fancies taking photographs of himself, which is all over his profile in one of the network sites, I appreciate this; he sure knows how to keep us amused ;). Some of his theories of life are actually more amusing than this if u think about it actually. Of course not to forget his short term memory loss which he suffers from (or rather lets say, which we entertain ourselves with) – One shot of alcohol gets him high & would have no clue the following day of what happened, I can recall a certain women’s college ‘drain out’ episode but then lets keep that for some other time.

Neither am I an angel so dare you judge them, they have prior information about this post, & that’s what makes them special, we have been around for over for decades & this sure has made things more interesting & awesome.

So here s to all the late nights, the Jams, the parties, Windsor, Diwalis, the outdoor travels, our hangouts, the college, our school,ex-girlfriends, our friends, the treks, the beer, & so many things to which we can raise the toast for – CHEERS !!



  1. good one........
    well u r gettin pretty good at this bloggin n stuff :)

  2. i always was ;) but i thght u d say abt the blog in particular :P

  3. :D lol.. i haven't enjoyed any other blogs as much as i did while reading this ' a friend in need ....' . i love the part of 'I am a PG holder!!!'!! LOL.. keep rocking Adu :).. you are getting better :P!! :)

  4. hhehehehhe.. super fun post :) keem 'em coming.

  5. @Amrutha - I told ya & ull have ur due too ;)

  6. hahahah this is hilarious........

  7. ok so which one of these freaks is u??he he he..may be not coz we might need a full post for u alone..;D

  8. you were talking about yourself in "waiting-for-the-perfect-girl" right? :)

  9. On a more serious note (how unlike me!!), u got the last para spot on. School and college days will never return, but their memories will never leave us. Life is all about such moments and incidents, and most of these are with our friends. I am sure all who read this blog can relate to this blog, no matter whom we have had as friends. Keep up the good work dude.

  10. And needless to say, your presentation was simply hilarious. Good job. And also, from my end, give a pat on the back of the Super Engineer who thought it takes 18 months for a human to deliver a baby!!

  11. u bet man ;) thanks for this ;)

    & "waiting-for-the-perfect-gal" - NO NO, its not me, i have many of them :P

  12. I am so glad our pal has penned blog on us, needless to say I am one among on them.
    Ofcourse, it is very well executed.
    I am really happy and feels we are so close to each other even though we are odd and freaky.

    we have lots of memories to be shared. What is on blog is just tip of Ice-berg.

    well, Just in case u want to know more about Devil's intracities, we are planning a translucent blog on him which will show his true colour.
    stay tuned for more updates.

  13. Finally one of the cats is out of the bag, & the rest are celebrating their f(r)amed success of this post !!
    I loved it when u said "tip of the ice berg", so true, but then we can go on & on,
    & a blog on me ?? dude, i might outdo the glory u r having now ;)

  14. nice one adarsh ... Read all your posts after a loong time ..

  15. :) one of them is gettin married :D