Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Number Tag

And its time for the number tag -

One - was my roll no. from class 1 to class 10, sometimes its not always good, i had to sit in the first row during the exams, which means , little chance of fudging :P

Two - Is the number of Tattoos i have encrust on me, one being a musical note ;)

Three - Organizations I have worked for !! , Its a pity i had to leave !! Duh !! i pity them ;)

Four - Languages im very fluent in, I can bet my a** on this im sure i'd be questioned, Trust me folks, I CAN talk 4 languages as good as you think & Im only being fair here, i know more ;)

Five - Watches I have, & i love each one of them - Not all have a Cartier do they ??

Six - cups of tea is what i drink on an average working day, Oh C'mon, my day starts at 6 AM at work, I need 2 together to keep myself awake.

Seven - shots., yes yes, it was Tequilaaaa, no i dint go down.. yes, its still me writing this. no, im sober now.

Eight - Was the College Bus Route I used to take home at times, mostly in the final year :) for obvious reasons.

Nine - I came in ninth & with a bruised shoulder & a wrung neck in my last dash :-(

Ten - Like sruthi said - dreadful while in school :( April 10 - result day & the day i always go home with a frown !!

Sorry Folks, thats the most i could grab off each number, Although i wished i could have tagged in more, but you see im not really in good health for now, so dont forget to send me your commiseration as comments below., & yeah be polite please,
& for my friend who got married recently - hahahaha, im sorry that happened mate , bless you :)



  1. hehehheheh neat :)
    I know, poor you. you were roll number 1 alwa.. heheh.. reminds me I was roll number 54. thu how do I remember that now? beats me. this in turn reminds me of our class. specially our 9/10th classroom. dingy it was no.
    and 7 tequila shots-aa? yappaa.. *bows*

    p.s. *snort* my name! *whack on your head* incorrect spelling pppffttt..

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  3. couldnt agree more on 'one'.. my roll number was always within the first 5. It was 3 during my engg days n the first 2 guys failed in the first year itself.. n i was the scapegoat for the remaining 3 yrs :)

  4. i pity the organizations too.. but when u were working for them ;)

  5. i can understand how u felt for 3 years, pity man , there shud not be roll no, 1 at all :)

  6. Hey its a nice concept. I especially liked the roll no 1 part, I always used to pity Roll no 1's in my class always. Great post!!!