Sunday, August 16, 2009

What goes Around...Comes Around !!

I know before u say anything, that you are expecting something funny & weirdly different, but today I’m doing just normal stuff, a few things which has been bothering me past few weeks
Ever wondered how it feels to lose something & gain it back??
Ever wondered when you have something going pretty well & suddenly out of the blue, you get a jolt that it won’t be the same again??
Who said change is good??
Did you ever think that you are so good at something you know & yet you are questioned & need to prove it??
Ahh !! Just before I also forget – Get a suturing done on your little pinky finger– you ll know it just doesn’t take a quarter to see 3 worlds at a time ;)
Let’s see you guess them, except probably for the fact that I had surgical sutures on my right pinky finger, Oh man, It wasn’t just painful, It was like getting kicked in the nuts for my hands !! & these guys here are so damn expensive huh!! I could have got a set of new fingers for myself. Long live my company, they were kind enough to bear my expenses – thank you Martin!!
Ahh!! By the way! People in this part of the world are crazy, you have international permit to drive – but Noo!! These guys need you to formally testify before a bunch of cops who have the weirdest of all ways to prove that you don’t. But I had the last laugh. Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh)
Just that this wasn’t enough, my manager quit for good. You ever get those funny mails displaying your managers as some kind of central African goon getting to kick your ass, well I need to contradict them, He was good, one of the finest I have had – Amazing work ethics, extremely compos mentis, ambitious & powerful. There was this comfort level which existed, you knew that you could talk to him about anything & was always there to bail you out any kinda shit you wud be in. Of course im gonna miss him, but then - he seemed more than glad to leave after serving here for over a decade, The men in the dept gave him a farewell probably he deserved. Lotsa beer flowed & there was the finest food, It was like an orgasm for my taste buds!! Anyway I bid adieu to hoping that I would see him somewhere around soon – It’s a small world you see ;)

And just before I end up - I drove a truck yesterday – yeah baby!! A real 4 Ton Axle one & it was awesome, another orgasm., hehehe
& finally a msg for the “boys” – You are getting your due soon fellas, am already on it!!


  1. nice one.........
    short n sweet n upbeat

  2. These big O's seem to be more pleasurable eh? ;) good good. and your manager looks very amicable. sad he had to leave. but yeah world's small .. sure you'll meet him someday :)

  3. Of course we will , we have a pact to ;)