Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hey again,
Goodness me, I thought you had forgotten & here you are back again following my posts,. How sweet!!!
Firstly my apologies if you have found me absconding on this, You can blame me thoroughly, I was home for the summer & it was one eventful month of April for me !! I turned 2# (a year older again, & I was 2# last year if u ask me) & my 6 month orphaned blog turned 1!! I just don’t understand if it’s the old age kicking me up or is it that I’m ageing with my thoughts, see there I go again & I better STOP !!
Over the last few months I have had this irresistible desire for travelling, Even if it s a 110 km drive to work or a 12 hr ride on the train, the very thought of me on transverse across places gives me a high, You often hear of people wanting to travel to places of exotic destinations & scenic beauties, the mountains, the desert, the oceans & of maybe archeological interests too, pardon me but what I’m thinking of is slightly off-beat. Yeah the categories remain more or less similar. Some of these can be –

Argentina – A 24 Hour flight from Bangalore transit through Dubai, Frankfurt & stop over at Rio, you would touchdown at Buenos Aires costing you a whopping 1560 US$ one way. Remotely have you heard of anyone holidaying here?? Personally I’m just plain horny to be there, The Andes Mountains, the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Latin Americans, the neighboring Mayan ruins & so much more. For me Argentina is to football what Cricket is to India. I can pay to watch those blokes play. Ohh!! Did I also mention – Mestizo women are a treat!!

Istanbul – Half Europe, Half Asia (ends of a bridge) - probably the boring Russians can only boast of such geographical importance, This Ottoman Empire is probably one of my favourite places. Liberal society unlike other Islamic countries, a novelty – must say!! Something I probably cherish to live with is Turkish Food, (slurrrppp) they can give the Punjabis a run for their money if they have a chain of restaurants in Amritsar.

Tuscany – A retirement scheme for me, Buy a house here, watch football & drink cheap wine all day.

Or maybe a castle ??

Pakistan – The sheer curiosity for an Indian passport holder unable to visit Pakistan makes me want to go there even badly; having biked through forests & mountains, this one is high on my agenda - places to ride into. It is an exciting place if you d ask me, sheek kababs, Indus valley ruins, Lahore forts, Makran-Karachi highway & our good old Kashmir (part occupied). Probably can get you an AK-47 as a souvenir. I can already see my Pakistani friend grin!!
* lahori Sheekh Kabab

Seychelles – I’m currently asking out this girl, who can marry me & also sponsor my honeymoon, yeah im an expensive guy to maintain. lol !! Predominant 3 reasons – the Sun, the Sun & the Sun., Apart from that - crystal waters, the corals, the silver sands, the lazy hammocks & blue skies. heineken anyone ??

* Sunset in Seychelles

Mizoram – “There s a runway between the 2 mountains in Mizo”, I can recall a friend of mine from Aizawl who said this over 9 years back, This has kept me from longing to visit Mizoram. Maybe a drive is the best way up there. & for one thing sure to try – Apong (local beer), cherry wine & Zu (green tea).
* Aizawl covered with Fog

Lakshadweep – The Seychelles of India, the virgin beaches here are fantastic & the chopper visits to the islands are breathtaking, or maybe just the lazy cruise!! who says India is crowded?? Lakshadweep is THE place for a lavish getaway I guess.

* The coral isles of the Indian UT

Life comes a standstill when you are between these places, It’s amazing how different people from every place are & how different their customs & cuisines are. It just baffles your mind to see all this but then that’s the mystery I would like to live with. Capturing moments in your minds, we move on. Life is a travel !!


  1. those were amazing set of places except for Pakistan, Istanbul and Argentina... Ok, Argentina has great women and u can watch F1 in Istanbul, but Pakistan?? U just may have to listen to those 3 dreaded words again :)

  2. I have always wanted to go to Istanbul and Argentina. Sounds like great places.