Sunday, June 7, 2009

Its been a month now guys

Hey folks,
Its been ages since I ve posted for now, well 5 weeks is ages to me. No, not that I turned 27 & hibernated from the world., I was busy with lots of thoughts in my head & had to regroup myself & was pre occupied with other things, never mind what it is since I haven’t been able to figure this out myself., That’s for it guys, was very busy with work is all I knw & u can trust me for this, I posted this blog as I was travelling – Had an hour journey to travel & the driver had the saddest songs being played - he s a Lankan & cant expect much can we ?? so I just popped my thoughts straight in rightaway, thanks to the lovely roads,I hardly had to use the “del” button.
Hmmm, let s see it has been an eventful month for me. For one the congress came back to power & we hope to see some economic reforms with the Doc handling the mantle pretty well, but of all it was RCB making it to the finals of the IPL season 2, Man! They deserved to win for all reasons., atleast for one that they had Dr. Mallya s support & the hottest chicks holding the pom poms., well never mind, we were this close to winning if not for some “poor shot selections” (al a Ravi Shastri).
Oh yes I also had beer this weekend which means im right on track of not losing myself., (huh !! my inner self amost died of thirst) so now u knw abt the thgts coming in.
Anyways nothing major to put my thghts here, its not like I had been to scale the everest, I wouldl have been back anyways.,
So I just sign off for now.,
Before I do – Happy Birthday mom., hehehe u r an year older too !!

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  1. happy birthday to your Mom :) and yeah IPL was entertaining.. so glad that rajasthan got kicked hehe. Now looking forward for Wimbledon :D