Monday, June 15, 2009

We r half way thru

Hey its June & we are through with half of 2009.,Now that remains a lot in my agenda undone probably which I need to complete., I still haven’t met Beyonce, I still haven’t started my Spanish classes, & I ve had only 3 mugs of beer last quarter, So little done, so much left. Sometimes god is so unkind to me. & sometimes he s so very kind that I begin to doubt his intentions.
Ok, Its so damn HOT & no, not a gal for a change but the god damn climate, Its like sitting right in an pre heated oven or u can say Tava Indian ishtyle,
It was just a couple of days back when my manager returned from a travel & he began askin me abt the heat & how I have been handling it? I said - well, the job or the climate – I am beginning to feel the heat now & only I knew what I exactly meant by that., so that’s for the lot now,
Cricket - India’s self acclaimed national game & India, the supposedly reigning champs of the shortest possible Intl. cricket format is now sent packing back home from the ICC T20, Ironically England, the same team we horsed around last tourney had their last say in the contest with us. ahh!! Never mind!! Another day, another time, it wasn’t just our day. But full credit to the English guys, they deserved every bit the way our batsmen were playing.
So I went bowling one day., woo hoo !! felt like I was back in college. It was one of those days where u “pin” down everything, have a “ball” of a time & u go home relaxed, It was a well organized event & all of us had a great time., Unbelievably the director of our department won & was declared man of the tournament, & what was more inspiring was his winning speech.
Don’t even get started with my performance in the sport, im a batsman, so bowling is outta my thoughts. hehehehe., ok, to be honest, I did better than u think, at least I was striking the right pins & that too in my lane only !! Forget the scores, we all played to have a great time & not compete, rightly said Stuart – we are all winners.

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