Friday, April 3, 2009

Bengalooru - Bangalore

Spell it the english way, spell it the local way., Bangalore remains the same.,

OK for a start let me get back to what i shud say first- "yes, i have started to do some blogging, they say better late than never., in this case it was always never but somehow improved my typing skills, now showin it off ;) "

gettin back to the whats on top -

I love that place - I have lived there for over 26 years & call it HOME., for obvious reasons.,
I mean ppl ask , whats there to like ??
& i ask what there not to like.,cmon guys ppl from 25 other states come in there for work, pleasure & business.
This was years back when i was stuck in this sea of traffic with an ol' friend of mine & had no hope of gettin out of it for a loong time, she is all smiles & sayin "look at this, i love this place"., dint make much sense then but now i begin to see it now

Yeah i i hate it when ppl dont say good things abt MY place & hate it even more when they live & work there & bitch abt it (yes i can get with meaner words also ) - get a life guys , like they say in hindi movies - doin 'it' on ur plate !!

Bangalore has this blend of perfectly mixed up attitude -
salpa adjust maadi
By/2 coffee
Traffic (now thats there everywhere)
Probably the highest usage of computers n gadgets in India

It has a literacy rate of 85.67%
Per Capita income of INR 29,394 making it a flourishing place

& just FYI for all other linguistics - Kannada is spoken as widely as 48% unlike what u can think !!

They say it as the IT capital of the East but somehow the Pub City matches well i feel :)
IISc in my neighborhood is the prime hub of technology & learning
So its not all abt making money & merry.,

ok i guess i got carried away & kinda got too serisous - (so unlike me..heheheh)
well there cud be possibly no place as cosmopolitan as we do :)

u name it they exist !!

well i guess thats a serious food for thought for now., maybe when i do get to some lighter stuff down the weeks.,

seeya around - keep Smiling

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