Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soaps & Detergents - or is it ??

Soaps – I just keep wondering what is it that keeps it running & what keeps its viewership rocketing up??? No doubt that they r the mainstay of the Indian television but …. ?? well I just keep wondering over again.
An insight tells u that what is it makes the soap apparently soap addictive is it offers a rarified world; It may be talking of marriages, in-laws, extra-marital & their intrigues but it make sure that all its characters are togged out in the latest designer wear & decked up in enough jewelery to put a store in shame.
Soaps offer eye candy unlike the escapist formula churned out by the Indian film industry & reality series who claim to reflect the reality of viewer’s lives – I agree J
But does the average Indian family ever have to deal with some of these over-the-top situations shown everyday in the in these episodes?? Does anyone ever have to prepare poisoned milk for her mother-in-law or try to prevent someone (usually a woman) from finding out about the love affair from hell?
Their themes are regressive & most of them portray women in extremes as avenging angels or Machiavellian schemers or dimwits in designer clothing. Yet Indian TV soaps enjoy a pan gender & a wide demographic appeal unlike maybe reality shows that seem to be catching up. What’s happening to the sanctity of television... good lord!!
Unlike any shows - what I profoundly believe is with their longer timeline spans, it ensures nobody misses out on the story line (but do they actually have one?? ) despite several twists down the season. Oh yes that’s my experience I’m talking if u d ask me how im aware ?? damn !! these things get more interesting during the exams. heheheheh !!
Well, on serious thoughts normal sensible viewers are willing to suspend disbelief & watch a series where a 20 year leap is nonchalantly introduced to pace up the story., huh !! I have nothing to say on this – what crap !!they run it for a decade & talk of pacing the story., A so called Mihir Virani was resurrected thrice (if I have counted right) in Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi (“because the mother in law was also once a daughter in law” – grrrr !! that’s my emotion at the sound of the series)
Strangely resonant of any plots trotted out by the Indian TV series with women treating their daughters in law like slaves & making them work on industrial sewing machines from 1993 to 2006 shows how women can be their own worst enemies. – but do we really believe that ??
Yet with so much market pressure, the soaps have become mere peddlers of caricatures, I hope a certain Ekta Kapoor is listening!!


  1. Like George bush once *tried* to say..."fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me", but that does not seem to hold when it comes to the folks who still intently watch every new soap that gets launched (with extraordinarily large amounts of 'K's thrown in randomly in their names) albeit with similar story lines that sound interesting to begin with, but very soon have a tendency to enter an eternal spiral leaving you clueless as to where it is all heading, leave alone the ending! Some of them even make you suspect that actors have been instructed to dress up in all the finery that you and I would never wear in a normal day at home, and behave normally as if they are going about their daily routine while the camera captures you....throw in some loud jarring music and ship the tapes...voila! you have a soap epsode!

    And to think that back in the good old days when television programming in India was still at an infancy, I can still recall quite a few good serials on DD and they usually had a limit of 13 episodes which is unthinkable now!

    I could even watch "Krishi Darshan" any day than spend my time on these soaps!

  2. hey Krishi Darshan also starts from "K"

    creepy aint it ?? he3x