Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday - Did i say Happy ??

22 April, 2009
Yes I m turning 27. No im not happy abt it., Yes, lm living with that fact, No, I don’t like that either L
So finally I happen to race to the edge up to the tail of the 20s., that’s disheartening I knw but whats more sad is ppl keep reminding u of the same., Duh !! guys, u wud be there soon too or maybe u r just through., So get a life !!
My first bday outside Blore & with new ppl., whom I have never known earlier, & who have never known me, seems like you r born again, strange but true !!
Ok, walked this earth for 27 full years & wonder if im worth turning 27, lets see maybe I agree wit it -
Schumacher was the F1 champ by the time he turned 27 – for me driving at 140 was a feat. Well I ve stayed in India guys, we cant find a stretch where I can touch 120 anyways.
Rahul Gandhi was an MP at 27,….yeah !! I have won an election once too :) & im sure those voted in my favour are still hunting for me.
Aishwarya Rai became Ms. World at 21, huh !! what u thinking ??? I wud have too if I had killer looks, anyway I was almost there J
Sachin scored over 10,000 Runs in Intl. cricket by 27., Oh yes I have scored too., no, not runs though, never mind what it is.
There u go, we iterate the issue back over again & we realize time keeps slipping away & we miss out on a lot of stuff., Those weren’t ppl who just basked in what they did, they gave that extra edge & that’s what made the difference, they excelled. & we just give reasons for not being there. – A thought to contemplate aint it??
But on serious thoughts I wanted to be a stand up comedian, & I hit the bulls eye,.told my dad abt it & he laughed his ass off., shit !! I shud have carried it from there, but NOOOO., all I had to do was a conventional technical graduation & get a degree in Engineering., no complains abt that today as long as im able to afford myself.,
But yes my work did acquaint me with a lot of people & places., u meet people of all walks, profiles, attitude & characters & that’s an interesting facet of my profession - which I enjoy, maybe it’s a part of what I wanted to do.
But should say my accomplishments always go unnoticed, yea seriously I tell u –
I can win hands down in a beer bottoms-up row with jimmy.
Have beaten Pammi twice in a row in arm wrestling (which then turned to conventional wrestling later)
I can drag race, break my bones, smile & say, “damn !! it was the bike” (let’s see u do that??)
A girl once did tell me that im “cute” (what thef…., there was no recording of that)
Studied for the wrong test in engg & got away with 21/25 by fudging :P - now im glad that went unnoticed. Hehehe.,
& so did my relations (looong story people – not today).
Well anyways if I could go back in time, then there aint a single moment I wud wanna re-write – its been a dream run & tailored J & as the clock strikes 12 –although im miles away from the regular ppl who call me on this very day, they still continue to do so J, still at home faar away from home..



  1. Also, Federer had 13 slams by 27! I'm 7 months away from that dreaded age, having done *nothing* in life. I blame our middle-class "play-it-safe" conventional upbringing :P

  2. Paapa Pammi.. wonder why he agreed to wrestle with you..
    and yeah dont worry, you might be able to accomplish "something" before 30. Target 30 my friend...

  3. ahh !! yes , i wanna star in a REAL talk show :P